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Our menu is available all day. Prices are nett. No GST or Service Charge.

Granola                                                          7

Toasted granola with greek yogurt and milk

Ricotta Brioche                                             8

with homemade raspberry compote

Scrambled Eggs on Toast                         7 | 8

Add Pesto aka Green Eggs

Breakfast Plate                                             17

Scrambled Eggs with grilled sausage (pork/lamb), bacon,

mushrooms and avocado

Avocado on Toast                                        12

Poached eggs with mashed avocado on toast with dukkha

Furikado with Ramen Eggs                         15

Seaweed furikake with avocado on toast with Ramen Eggs

French Toasts                                               15

Brioche | Banana Bread

Both served with bacon, ice cream & maple syrup


Beetroot Pancakes                                        15

Savoury beetroot pancake with creamy avocado dressing

with dukkah

Bangers & Mash                                           15

Sausages (pork/lamb) with aligot with edamame & gravy

Grilled Cheese                                        10 |15

Melted mozzarella & cheddar sandwich & side of salad

Add bak kwa & pork floss aka Half & Half


Pasta (Spaghetti)                                                                              

Mushroom cream | Beef Bolognese              9

Carbonara | Avocado                                   11

Pulled Pork with Brioche                            17


Fried Chicken & Liege waffles                    17


Coq Au Vin                                                  19

Brined chicken braised in red wine chicken stock on aligot


Duck Confit                                                 20

Duck thigh confit in duck fat on aligot


Beef Bourguignon                                         22

Red wine marinated beef braised in beef stock on aligot

Add ons:

Bacon, Avocado, Mushroom, Tomatoes        3

Lamb or Pork Sausage                                   4


Truffle Fries                                               7


Spam Fries                                                 8


Poutine                                                       9

Fries with cheese and gravy


Popcorn Chicken                                       8

Liege Waffles                                              7



Brownie                                                      4 | 7

Add Ice Cream


Banana Bread                                                 4

Chocolate Tarts                                                 

Salted Caramel | Chilli | Peanut Butter         5


Lemon Curd Tart                                           5


Raspberry Frangipane                                    5

Mont Blanc                                                     6

Chestnut | Sweet Potato | Pumpkin

As all our sweets are baked in house, kindly check with us for available desserts for the day.

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